Is Virtual Drug Treatment Possible?

The truth is virtual drug treatment is possible if you are motivated to get sober. By motivated, we mean that despite the obstacles you will face, you are ready to stay on the path to recovery.

There will be cravings, but you will find ways to beat them. There will be triggers, but you will implement relapse prevention techniques to help cope with your triggers. Life stressors will make you feel like the only thing that could help you is to get high, but you won’t get high.

Instead, you will call your sponsor or sober coach or counselor and work through your feelings.

That is the motivation to stay sober. That is the dedication you need to achieve the life you deserve. And you deserve a great life.

Virtual drug treatment is the icing on the cake, the added support to help you maintain sobriety. Let me tell you why.


A big part of addiction recovery is socializing with other sober people. You are encouraged to attend meetings, support groups, individual and group therapy, and other activities that help you stay sober.

But today, you are told you must abide by social distancing rules. And your meetings and groups have likely been canceled due to the coronavirus scare.

Virtual drug treatment helps you socialize at a distance. From your home computer, you can continue to attend online AA or NA meetings. You can also meet with your drug and alcohol addiction specialist individually.

Individual Virtual Drug Treatment Therapy 

With virtual treatment, you can still work on treatment plans, discuss how well you are meeting treatment goals, and relapse prevention techniques with your therapist. You can discuss struggles as well as rewarding experiences, which are just as crucial in sobriety. You and your therapist can develop a positive reward system to celebrate your sobriety milestones.

Because the virtual treatment program you attend will have protective software, you can feel confident that your information will not be leaked to anyone but your treatment providers.

HIPAA Compliant Software

If your virtual drug treatment providers want to connect on facetime or Snapchat, they are not the right program for you. Instead, your online provider should have their own HIPAA compliant software program that protects your patient information, your confidentiality, as well as their own.

Knowing that your treatment information is safe can help you focus on the essential goal, staying sober.

No Wait Time to Start Virtual Drug Treatment

There are many reasons why a person waits to check into an inpatient rehab facility. One reason is that there is a waiting list. Meaning, the facility doesn’t have enough beds available to check you in when you are ready to seek help. Many lose motivation to go to rehab when they denied a bed right away. 

Another reason you may wait to start treatment is they told you that you must be sober to attend. This seems like a cruel trick to you. I mean, you are ready to get sober, but can’t get help until you are sober. How does that even work?

Virtual drug treatment eliminates both issues. Treatment providers meet you where you are at the time you seek treatment. If you are still using drugs or alcohol, treatment providers will assess and help you figure out if entering a detox facility should be your next step, or if you are capable of implementing harm reduction techniques, or if you can go straight into long-term therapy.

There are no beds to fill with virtual treatment programs, wiping out that problem altogether.

No Shame

It’s true, and some people feel shame about being addicted to drugs or alcohol. The stigmas associated with addiction are diminishing, but not quickly enough. 

Addiction is a brain disorder. And there is nothing shameful about that. However, many people do not want to attend inpatient treatment because they fear judgment. They even fear judging themselves on the negative actions they have taken to stay addicted.

Virtual drug treatment makes it more comfortable for the addict. There is no face to face testimony, and you don’t have to overcome a fear of talking in front of groups of strangers.

No Seeking Rides to Virtual Treatment

You know how it feels to ask a friend or relative to drive you to treatment. Even though they don’t mind giving you a ride, you feel like you are placing a burden on them. That’s the last thing you want to do, right? 

Virtual treatment programs mean you can attend counseling from your own home, from your bedroom. This saves time and money for you and your driver. Plus, this gives you a chance to attend treatment when convenient for you and your counselor, not only when the facility is open for business. 

Flexible Treatment Times

Because your treatment is online, you can set a time for counseling that benefits both you and your therapist or doctor. You may have a job during the day that you want to maintain while you enter recovery. Virtual treatment helps you do this. You can meet with your counselor before or after work, without the need to use your lunch break or vacation time.

Lower Drop-Out Rates

Finally, several studies have found that those enrolled in online treatment programs had fewer drop-outs than traditional type treatment programs.

Virtual treatment programs allow you to continue the positive activities in your life, while at the same time, getting sober. You don’t have to choose one or the other.

Even if you aren’t 100% motivated, and are merely curious about what is available online, contact a virtual treatment program. Ask questions, lots of questions.


The best way to know for sure that virtual drug treatment programs work is to try it. Just like inpatient treatment programs, the doctors and therapeutic staff want you to succeed. You can have that sober life you desire. Online treatment providers can help you get started on your path to addiction recovery today.

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