International Services for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

If you are suffering from an addiction and you’re ready to get help, you might consider getting treatment abroad. In fact, there are many benefits to international services for drug and alcohol treatment. This article will discuss the pros and cons to participating in international services for drug and alcohol treatment.

First, drug and alcohol treatment involve a variety of aspects. These may include:

Initial Assessment

An assessment is often a self-report measurement of the nature and severity of symptoms. An assessment can be crucial tool in diagnosing and treating alcohol detox and abuse.

Medical Detox

This is a period of time in which an individual with an alcohol addiction undergoes alcohol detox, that is allowing the body to go through a process of detoxification.


Individual therapy typically involves sitting across from a compassionate mental health professional, who is listening, responding, and facilitating change.

Behavioral Modification Therapy

This form of therapy involves looking at thoughts, feelings, and behavior and attempts to help a person make healthier choices in life.

Family Therapy

This is a type of therapy that focuses on the relationships within a family in order to help a person better manage the specific problems they might be facing.

Group Counseling

Group therapy involves a group of people who are all experiencing the same addiction or life problem. It is facilitated by mental health professional.

Support Groups

Groups on healthy eating, decision making, job hunting,  and more may facilitate creating a new life after addiction.

Chemical Dependency Education

This an opportunity to learn about the nature of addiction and it’s dangerous cycle. Staying informed about alcohol abuse, addiction, and treatment can facilitate your path towards sobriety.


International services for drug and alcohol treatment may include one or more of the services listed above. Some of the reasons to consider international services for drug and alcohol treatment include:


One primary reason that men and women consider traveling internationally for treatment includes the fact that their confidentiality is practically guaranteed.

Lower Costs

Depending upon where you travel, you might be able to find a lesser expensive residential treatment center than you would in the United States. However, the cost of treatment abroad may be offset by the costs of traveling there. Another point to keep in mind is the exchange rate. For instance, the American dollar can go a long way in countries like Thailand.

Distance From Family and Friends

Although this might be a potential disadvantage, the international location may help with taking a break from the daily routine and finding the peace inside to heal.


Because of the many benefits that come with traveling abroad for healing purposes, there is an entire industry that caters to those who receive medical treatment internationally. It’s known as medical tourism. If you’re looking for international services for drug and alcohol treatment, you may want to discuss this with your doctor or mental health provider.

For more information on international services for drug and alcohol treatment, speak to a professional. It’s important to do some research before you travel.


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